ROGER DUBOIS is an expert in high quality electrical equipment and integrated automation.


ROGER DUBOIS allows you to remotely and easily access all functions: temperature, lighting, curtains, shutters, blinds and also music or security system with a digital tablet, control panel or smartphone.
Screenplays with various combinations are programmed and also modified at will. At any moment, a desired ambiance is activated for an absolute comfort.


Lighting and electrical equipment

Thanks to its expertise ROGER DUBOIS inspires and assists you in your choices, for a chandelier which enhanced an entrance, a bright kitchen, a selection of ambiances with a combination of lamps and floor lamps, enhancement of works of art, library lighting up, soft light in walk-in closet or bathroom, reading light lamp, light path at night.

The management system enables you to change light intensity for maximum comfort.

Lighting is activated with a high-end wall device chosen amongst a wide range of partners, made-to-measure is also possible.



ROGER DUBOIS offers solutions to select and listen to music up to a very high quality. It is the same for videos displayed on all your screens.
We can even provide full equipment for a room dedicated to Home Cinema.
Our solutions are for both indoor and outdoor needs.



ROGER DUBOIS installs equipment and necessary network for a maximum functioning of telephone and computers. We use the most sophisticated tools to measure performance.



ROGER DUBOIS masters all necessary safety solutions: burglar alarm, access control and video surveillance systems. Our remote access solutions allow you to secure inside and outside your home.