ROGER DUBOIS brings you all its expertise in electrical equipment and home automation integration to enhance your beautiful interiors.

Private Mansions

A good choice of lighting and wall devices are vital to completing the designer’s aesthetic care. For example the remote control interface, allows you to easily adjust lighting or temperature. The sound system, discreetly placed in moulding or furniture, plays your favourite music. You can choose and show a film on one of your screens. Internet is accessible anywhere you like. Your residence is secured with remote control. There are numerous and adjustable solutions to suit your desires.



In a luxury boutique, lighting, sound and security systems are decisive factors. ROGER DUBOIS is by your side to create a welcoming atmosphere for your Clients.



In bedrooms: room occupancy, internet access, films, music, ideal temperature, remote control of curtains and soft lighting using professional equipment are at one with unique interior design.
For entrance halls, reception rooms, kitchens, bars and restaurants, ROGER DUBOIS can assist you and give you its best advice and flawless quality to meet your customer requirements.



Chandeliers and unique electrical wall lamps. A large selection of sound systems and lightings.
Managing temperature for dream temperature at all time. An efficient professional kitchen for intensive use, with remote access ovens and cold rooms. ROGER DUBOIS makes every effort to achieve success in your most daring projects.