Electrician and SmartHome Integrator.

Company History

Hector Dubois founded our company in Paris during the previous century. In 1941, his son Roger-Jean took over. In 1947, the company became ROGER DUBOIS SA. Roger-Jean remained in charge until the age of 71.

He made his eponymous company well known in Paris for its quality. He inspired a family business ethos in the company. This legacy still prevails today and he is highly regarded. We think of him and know he would be proud of us.

His daughter, Catherine Fichoux, skillfully managed the company until she retired in 2014 when she successfully handed over the company to Michel Sapranides.

In 2007, Michel Sapranides, electrician, founded the Sigma Technologies Group, specialized in electrical equipment.

Alexandre Aractingi joined ROGER DUBOIS at the beginning of 2021, as Managing Director and Partner. He leads the future of our company thanks to his technical competence, the enthusiasm he communicates to his team and his desire to serve our Clients.

ROGER DUBOIS capitalizes on its assets and shows its ambition to become number one in electrical equipment and automation for luxury homes.


“Our responsibility is to offer the best technology to serve our Clients”.

Alexandre Aractingi

Managing Director and Partner
“We are dedicated to develop excellence in French savoir-faire”.

Michel Sapranides